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Fishkoin ($KOIN) is the most robust and ​adaptable memecoin in the sea of crypto.

Hold to Earn $BTC

Contract Address: ​0x7f72EBb448387537C174a5D17E762C877db28fB6

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About Us

Fishkoin $KOIN is an amalgamation of Billion Happiness (BHC), Happiness Token (HPS), and Ignore Fud ​(4TOKEN).

This unique combination encapsulates the essence of strength, adaptability, and survival, which is evident ​in these three projects and also in the attributes of a KOI fish, from which the name was derived.

KOIN aspires to unite, promote collaboration, diversity, and the collective pursuit of prosperity, abundance, ​and happiness in crypto.

Just like the koi fish, which is renowned for its ability to overcome obstacles and thrive in various ​conditions. KOIN intends to swim against the ups and downs of the crypto market, and KOIN seeks to ​navigate these challenges with resilience and determination

$KOIN is the most robust and adaptable memecoin in the sea of crypto.

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Hold to earn BTC

KOIN boasts its major feature of earning BTC. Holders will receive $BTC in DEX trading fees. This not only ​provides our community with a passive income stream but also supports Satoshi Nakamoto's creation of ​Bitcoin and his vision.

How it works?

In every DEX trade (buy and sell) Smart Contract Collects 3% tax to buy $BTC and distributed to all ​qualified holders.

Take note:

-$KOIN Contract needs to collect 800M $KOIN from trading tax before buying and distributing $BTC

-Holding Requirement to earn $BTC is 800,000,000 $KOIN

-Bitcoin (BEP20) network Smart Contract 0x7130d2A12B9BCbFAe4f2634d864A1Ee1Ce3Ead9c

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Total Supply = 21 Trillion KOIN

50% (10.5 Trillion) for BHC, HPS and ​4TOKEN Upgrade

-4TOKEN Holders = 5.25 Trillion $KOIN

-BHC Holders = 2.625 Trillion $KOIN

-HPS Holders = 2.625 Trillion $KOIN

50% (10.5 Trillion) for reserve

-Future development

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No Transfer Tax

8% Buy and Sell Tax

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Contract Code is Renounced

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Liquidity is Burned/Locked

Ensuring Investor Safety!

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